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Struggling to Sell Products? How Understanding Customers Leads to More Sales

What happens when you create the worst product in your industry? Honda knows. The Honda Ridgeline was the worst selling truck of 2011. They managed to sell just 214 of them in August 2011. The Ford F series sold close … Continue reading >

How to Create Advertising that Works (Without Spending Money)

So there’s this really snazzy restaurant in town called Maranges*. It’s attractive, the food is awesome, and the service is great. They’ve never really had to rely on marketing because most of their new customers came to them via word-of-mouth. … Continue reading >

When Shoppers Won’t Buy: The Importance of Meeting Expectations.

It’s Christmas 1992. I’m really excited. So excited I’m dancing on air. I’m going to get a Super Nintendo. 6 months earlier I told my dad I wanted a Super Nintendo for Christmas. I knew what I wanted and I … Continue reading >

Why Do I Need Market Research Anyway?

Not too long ago Tian Yu Gao opened a toy store in the South China Mall. He was told the location he had his eye on was “prime real estate”. “This Mall will attract 70,000 shoppers a day. Your toy … Continue reading >

How Browser Statistics Hurts Your Revenue.

I was doing some shopping on my kindle fire for some out-of-print books. If you’ve shopped for an out-of-print book before, you know that sellers jack up the price; they know there aren’t a lot of copies left so they … Continue reading >