• General

    • Are you hiring or firing?

      We’re hiring at the moment. We add people to the team slowly. Our team is more productive than others we’ve seen because of how we do things.

  • Need

    • I do my marketing in-house. What I need is training, not an agency.

      Fantastic! Your in-house team will need help. Our training is tough, but we can help you get to where you want to go.

  • Payment

    • I want a flat rate instead of being billed hourly.

      We work that way already. It’s true we bill hourly, but we also use budget caps to lock in a price. Learn about our budget cap guarantee.

  • Pricing

    • This costs too much.

      Look at your top 3 competitors. What are they spending to get there? We’re not just talking about money here. We’re talking about the time, money, effort, and thought they’ve put into things. We’re talking about the amount of failure they went through. Now compare that with what you have in mind. If it’s more than you’re willing to pay, don’t do it.

    • I can’t afford your services.

      We understand. We can work with your budget or train you to do things yourself.

    • Do you price match?

      Absolutely not. In most cases you’re not getting the same thing for your money.

  • Timing

    • I’m short on time. Can you do part of the project or cut some corners to make things cheaper?

      No. Agreeing to do half-baked work is a fight waiting to happen. Even if we gave you half-baked work you’d probably still expect the work we did to get results right? That’s a problem because it usually doesn’t work that way.

    • I can wait; my situation’s not that bad yet.

      Doing nothing still costs something. What’s worse, the cost goes up as things get worse.

    • How long do projects take?

      We don’t know. Something always changes in a project or campaign so we don’t set firm project deadlines. We make task deadlines instead. Working this way keeps things flexible. We’re able to change instantly while our budget cap guarantee keeps things in budget.

  • Trust

    • You’re a small company. Maybe a little too small.

      We want to stay small for as long as we can. We want our clients and our team to feel like they can reach any one of us without having to deal with gatekeepers, red tape, or politics.

    • I’ve been burned by an agency before.

      We’re really sorry to hear that. What would we need to do in order for you to have peace of mind?

    • I know a lot more than you guys.

      You may be right. If that’s the case you won’t need our help.

    • I don’t trust you guys. This all sounds too good to be true.

      Is there anything we can do to change that? If not, that’s a deal breaker. Don’t hire us if the trust isn’t there.

    • I don’t think what you do will work for me.

      You could be right. We figure that out before we work together (officially). It wouldn’t make sense to take you on if we knew we couldn’t help you. Doing that would be a really expensive mistake.

  • Work

    • This sounds like it’s going to be a lot of hard work.

      Yeah most likely. It’ll probably be really uncomfortable at times. We went through the hard work with our businesses. It was pretty rough at times but it was worth it in the end.

    • I haven’t seen enough portfolio samples to feel comfortable.

      No problem. We’ll show you some more (with references). Get in touch.

    • Do you use freelancers or sub-contractors?

      Yes, in certain conditions.
      (1.) We need a specialist to do special work e.g. a dentist to write about teeth.
      (2.) We need help dealing with sudden workload spikes. Only some aspects get done by sub-contractors though. Creative direction, development leadership, and marketing work stays in-house.
      (3.) Finally, we only contract work to people based in the United States, and locally whenever possible.