• 3 to 30

    Struggling to bring in more business? Does it feel like marketing is hit or miss?

    You’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into building your business but attracting new customers has been a struggle. “Maybe this time will be different” you tell yourself as you try a new idea, hoping that it will pay off. Sound familiar? If it does, you need 3 to 30.

    Our 3 to 30 Guarantee means that you’ll see a 3 – 30% increase in one specific, agreed upon goal or we refund your money and work for free*.

    So you’re probably wondering “what’s the catch” right?

    • 3 to 30 only covers the work that we do.
      If you shop at Target you probably know that their money back guarantee doesn’t apply to products you bought at Walmart. It’s the same thing with us. We don’t guarantee work that’s created or edited by anyone else. We guarantee projects and campaigns not your business.
    • 3 to 30 only covers projects, campaigns, and factors that we control directly.
      So if you’re an e-commerce retailer, we’d have direct control over your website conversion rate. No control over brick-and-mortar sales. If you depend on leads, we’d have direct control over the leads we generate for you, not whether they turned into a customer or not.
    • 3 to 30 depends on rules and recommendations.
      Rules keep everyone on track and moving towards the goal. Our recommendations are step-by-step instructions we need you to follow in order to reach the goal. There’s no guarantee without them.
      *terms and conditions apply.
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  • 30 Day Walkaway

    Agencies try to lock you in to a long-term “Agreement”.

    They want you to sign on the dotted line but you’re nervous. A long-term agreement could turn out to be a never-ending nightmare. If you’re like us, you’re not ready to “commit” after just one date. You don’t know who these guys are, if they’re any good, or even if you can even trust them.

    Agencies want security. They want long-term clients and with that, a steady stream of income (we do too). But we don’t think that a long-term agreement is the way to go about it. Long-term agreements create friction and they don’t automatically mean “Long term relationship”.

    All of our client agreements are month-to-month, cancel anytime.

    We want clients that choose to work with us, not ones that are legally forced to. That’s why we don’t do long-term agreements anymore. All of our client agreements are month-to-month, cancel anytime. On the other hand, if we need to cancel our agreement we’ll let you know, 30 days in advance.

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  • Always Available

    57% of your visitors leave your website after waiting 3 seconds for the page to load.

    100% of those people leave when your website is down. That’s a bad first impression. Trust disappears as people scramble to click the back button in their browser. 80% of these people won’t come back and half of them will tell their friends.

    Always Available means that your website will be available 100% of the time during a given month.

    If your websites, e-mail, or databases aren’t working (or they’re offline) and it’s our fault, its downtime. We’ll apply a 1-day credit to your account for every 60 minutes of unscheduled downtime (up to 100% of your recurring fee); we start counting as soon as you open an incident report with us.

    Just so you know, this guarantee doesn’t cover any coding or configuration errors you make. It also doesn’t cover any scheduled maintenance downtime (which should be rare).

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  • Budget Cap

    Paying per hour is usually Terrifying.

    When you pay per hour, it feels like you’re handing out blank checks; you feel like they’re going to charge you whatever they want, whenever they want, as often as they want. That’s pretty terrifying.

    Our Budget Cap guarantee gives you control and peace of mind.

    We’ll set a budget cap before we start work. Your invoice won’t exceed that budget cap (even though we bill hourly).

    How does it work?More

    We give you estimates before we start work; that estimate becomes the budget cap. The cost won’t go over the budget cap even though you’re billed hourly.

    What happens if the project changes?More

    Something always changes. If we change the project scope the budget cap stays the same. If you change the project scope, we’ll set a new budget cap to account for the changes you’ve made.

    What isn’t covered by the budget cap?More

    • Revisions. There’s no way for us to know how many revisions you need or how long the process will take.
    • Open Estimates. We create open estimates when we don’t have a whole lot of control over the process (e.g. the vetting process for Extended SSL certificates).
    • Working with 3rd Party Services. We’ve run into a scenario where we download and install something but it still doesn’t work. We’ve followed their instructions to a T but things are still broken due to some one-off bug or random problem.
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  • FailSafe

    It’s broken. The new website you paid for doesn’t work like it should.

    The developers you hired said and did the right things. Things went smoothly and you launched your website. That’s when you started to notice all of the problems. Pages that worked well in Firefox were broken in Chrome. Your site looked different in Internet Explorer than it did in Safari. Web forms didn’t work. Broken links and JavaScript errors were subtle, but they were everywhere.

    Everything we build comes with a “FailSafe” Guarantee.

    We guarantee your website will work as promised or we’ll fix the problem free of charge. We also guarantee the technical aspects of your website for 1 full year. If we build and host your website and something breaks and it’s our fault we’ll fix it free of charge.

    What’s the Catch?More

    1. We have to host and manage your website. It doesn’t make sense for us to guarantee something we don’t control, and we can’t fix your website if we don’t manage it.
    2. We need the freedom and trust from you to build and maintain things our way.

    What isn’t covered?More

    • Hacking/attacks
    • Changes made by 3rd parties
    • Content, design, or marketing changes
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  • Get Us or Get Paid

    You call your agency for help. They get back to you when they’re good and ready (or not at all).

    Get Us or Get Paid Guarantees 1 Day Response Times.

    If you’re an active client and you contact us, we’ll get back to you within 1 business day (major holidays excluded) or we’ll pay you $330 per violation*.

    What’s the catch?

    You’ll need to use an approved method to contact us; you’ll also need to keep your contact info updated (so we can reach you).

    The countdown begins as soon as we hear from you.

    Approved methods:

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    * We’ll pay you cash, give you a credit in the form of free work,
    or take $330 dollars off your next invoice.