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  • Rachel McDermott

    Rachel McDermott

    Managing Director

    I’m the Managing Director at WiseToWeb. I’m big on keeping things simple, and speaking the same language as your audience – if they understand clearly it’ll be easier for them to make their choice.

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Disorders, so I understand the finer points of good communication and how much of a difference it makes. Great communication costs less, wastes less time, and produces sweeter results.

    Because our focus is on simplicity and quality we’ve generated great results. Some of our clients have seen a tenfold increase in traffic and double digit conversion rates, landing them more customers in less time using less money.

    We have a great team and we’re blessed we get to do something we love. (Being great at what we do doesn’t hurt either.)

    When I’m not working I’m enjoying time with my family, probably cooking up something nummy! I’m into photography, reading, and shopping online.

  • Matt Engel

    Matt Engel

    Creative Director

    I’m the Creative Director at WiseToWeb. I’ve worked with businesses large and small, as a freelancer and independent contractor at first, and then teamed up with Andrew McDermott to form WiseToWeb. I attended MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design), where I studied graphic design, drawing, and traditional photography (yeah, I spent hours in an actual darkroom).

    I’ve seen how design impacts all kinds of things like revenue, profit, buying decisions, what customers think about you or your brand, and especially trust. (When was the last time you bought something from that crappy looking e-store?) I get to share those ideas with our clients and the rest of our team. I also define the creative vision for WiseToWeb and our clients. I’m good at what I do, not just because of my skills and experience, but because I understand why you should care about it and how it impacts your business.

    I like a wide variety of music, from alternative rock to classical and jazz, from new wave to techno, downtempo, and ambient. I’m fascinated by science and spaceflight, and I enjoy auto racing, especially rally. Of course I also love to draw, and have my own webcomic, with several more in the works.

  • Andrew McDermott

    Andrew McDermott

    Marketing Director

    I’m the Marketing Director at WiseToWeb. I studied music & psychology at Southwestern Adventist University. I love how the mind works.

    I’ve noticed that What you say matters but how you say it sticks. Simple words have a lot of power. The internet prefers conversation over jargon and marketing speak. Hard sells and fast pitches are out. People want value – no fluff.

    I’ve been able to get great results for our clients (e.g. double digit conversion rates, double digit ROI, topline growth, more time with loved ones) and I’m really proud of the work that we do.

    I love marketing. I love clever marketing like this and I love it when it makes people money.

  • Chris Goehrs

    Chris Goehrs

    Production Director

    I’m the Production Director at WiseToWeb. I have a degree in Information Technology, Information Systems Security. I’ve created more than 300 applications (some large and some small) and I’m fluent with more than half a dozen programming languages.

    I’ve noticed that security often doesn’t get the attention it deserves until something goes wrong. Most of the time, that’s a really expensive mistake. I create secure, easy-to-use applications and tools, so you won’t have to deal with pirates making off with info they’re not supposed to have.

    I not only greatly enjoy what I do but listening to a wide assortment of music (from Sarah Brightman to Coldplay to Owl City), playing online games with my friends, and drinking high-quality root beer (Sprecher is my favorite so far).

    Blip.fm: http://blip.fm/That_Guy_Named_Chris
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/christopher-goehrs/31/290/96b