• Matt Engel

    Matt Engel

    Creative Director

    I’m the Creative Director at WiseToWeb. I’ve worked with businesses large and small, as a freelancer and independent contractor at first, and then teamed up with Andrew McDermott to form WiseToWeb. I attended MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design), where I studied graphic design, drawing, and traditional photography (yeah, I spent hours in an actual darkroom).

    I’ve seen how design impacts all kinds of things like revenue, profit, buying decisions, what customers think about you or your brand, and especially trust. (When was the last time you bought something from that crappy looking e-store?) I get to share those ideas with our clients and the rest of our team. I also define the creative vision for WiseToWeb and our clients. I’m good at what I do, not just because of my skills and experience, but because I understand why you should care about it and how it impacts your business.

    I like a wide variety of music, from alternative rock to classical and jazz, from new wave to techno, downtempo, and ambient. I’m fascinated by science and spaceflight, and I enjoy auto racing, especially rally. Of course I also love to draw, and have my own webcomic, with several more in the works.