Most of the companies you talk to will hide their prices from you.

They’ll force you to contact them if you want pricing information and you know what? Sometimes that makes sense. Still, we choose to do things differently.

How much does it cost to hire WiseToWeb?

Our base rate is $227 per hour. Feeling sticker shock? Here’s some perspective. You’re getting a team of people for the price of one. You’re not paying for benefits, you don’t have to train them (already experts), and you can drop them (quickly) without a drop in morale or productivity. Oh and they guarantee their work.

What am I getting for my money?

  • Guaranteed Standards and Results.
    We put our time and our money where our mouth is. With our guarantees we promise that we’ll deliver on the high standards and results we’ve set. We’re accountable to you if we don’t.
  • High Quality Work.
    Let’s pretend that you need a microphone. You buy a cheap one and it breaks. You buy another cheap one and it breaks. Third times the charm right? That one breaks too. Cheaper and faster are often expensive and slow. That’s not how we work.
  • Attentive People.
    The people you talk to are the ones doing the work. There’s no lengthy chain of command, no red tape. We’re all accessible.

I think I could get the same thing from a freelancer or an offshore company.

We don’t think so. Why? It’s not an apples to apples comparison. For example: On average, 60% of our time is spent on research; getting to know you, your business, and your target audience, etc. We find and study real people in your target audience. We talk to them about what they want. We spend time getting to know them. In our experience that’s not typical.

We’re pretty fast but we’re not a rush/overnight agency. Our guarantees mean if we don’t get things right we’ll lose a lot of time and money. We can’t afford that.

I don’t want to pay hourly. Can’t you guys give me a fixed price?

Being billed hourly is scary, we know. The problem is that fixed fee billing is actually much worse. Why?

With fixed fee billing, the agency wants to get the project done as fast as possible (so they don’t lose money). The client on the other hand, tries to squeeze as much value out of the project as they can by requesting changes. Once this happens the agency and client aren’t on the same team anymore. Their goals are different, there’s a constant conflict, and the relationship sours. That just sucks.

We didn’t like going through that so we switched. Once we started billing hourly our client relationships changed. We were on the same page again. At first our clients were nervous about runaway billing so we created a budget cap guarantee to ease their anxiety. Clients work with us to stay in-budget. They understand that excessive changes are devastating and expensive. We haven’t looked back since.

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