Are we a good fit?

Normally the pages that talk about “values” are a waste of time. So why do we have one? Because we want to work with like-minded people.

  1. Give and receive trust.

    Occasionally we meet a client that’s been abused by another company. Naturally they’re afraid that we’re the same and that it’s going to happen again, so they micromanage. That’s understandable but it makes working together impossible. We need your trust in order to get results.

  2. Keep it honest.

    Sometimes it’s more expensive, more painful to be honest. We think that’s when being honest matters most.

  3. Produce more than we’re paid.

    The whole point of our relationship, the reason we’re paid, is to produce more than we’re paid. That’s what our 3 to 30 guarantee is all about.

  4. We’re marketing evidentialists.

    We get anxious when we see that something works without understanding why. We run tests consistently in an effort to avoid that creating excellent and repeatable results.

  5. We depend on healthy, constructive, conflict.

    Guarded discussions and tiptoeing through conversations creates artificial harmony; that kind of thing creates distrust and we really hate that. Healthy, respectful, and unfiltered conflict is really important to us; we need everyone to speak their mind, even if the topic is unpleasant.

  6. We’ll tell the kind truth.

    It’s better to hear a “man that’s awful” from your friends instead of…well…everyone else. If we need to be the bearer of bad news we’ll do it gently.

  7. Freely admit limitations, mistakes, and weaknesses.

    It’s less stressful for everyone. If we put the info out in the open you don’t have to ask and we won’t have to deal with you feeling hoodwinked.

  8. We’ll ask dumb questions.

    We’ll ask the dumb questions that others are afraid to ask. Embarrassment is temporary and it’s worth the risk if there’s a potential benefit waiting inside that dumb question.

  9. We’ll make dumb suggestions.

    We’ll risk embarrassment by suggesting potentially dumb ideas. If we don’t take the risk and suggest a potentially dumb idea, you might miss out on a really valuable idea. We think that’s stealing.

  10. Never make a recommendation just to make a sale.

    A pointless upsell is horrible for our relationship. Once that happens we’re suddenly the “pushy salesmen that sold you something you didn’t need/want”.

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