Datatoys lost customers before they had them. At trade shows and events they were able to show that their products were one of the best in the business. So why were they losing customers? Why were people so disoriented and turned off by their marketing?

Their image didn’t match their message.

Datatoys - Before

No one believes you’re all about quality when you look like this

Their website and marketing created problems. They talked about the quality of their products but visitors found that hard to believe. Visitors to their website were greeted with walls of text – instant information overload. Consistent marketing drove customers to their website but they didn’t stay long.

“When Datatoys VP Roy Dietsch contacted us he knew that he wanted a website redesign but he really didn’t expect much. We were told to take graphics and designs from their sister company” said Andrew. “But we wanted the new site to look clean and professional”.

We spoke with people in their target audience. We started by asking a lot of questions. We wanted to find specific problems and we expected negative feedback. Comments like “this looks pretty cheap” or “I’d probably never buy from them” were pretty standard so we asked more questions. In the end we identified five main issues.

1. No credibility. Datatoys made some of the best products in the industry but you’d never know that by looking at them. New shoppers didn’t feel comfortable enough to spend $1,500 on a new system.

2. People were overwhelmed. Shoppers had to wade through walls of text, jargon, and irrelevant content.

3. No direction. There were lot’s of links and no direction on what to do first. Shoppers had to figure out the next steps for themselves.

4. No clarity. Datatoys sold video systems for aviation, motorsports, law enforcement, and the military but shoppers were left to find products on their own. Product overlap made it harder to tell the difference between each system.

5. Major SEO problems made it hard for Datatoys to bring in and convert web traffic. The site also had major usability issues; they relied on outdated techniques (e.g. keyword stuffing, tiny text, hidden text, etc) in an attempt to get more traffic but it killed conversions.

Here’s How We Fixed the Problem.

1. We rebranded Datatoys. The old brand screamed “cheap” – the complete opposite of the “high quality” image they wanted to promote.

Datatoys - Old Logo

The old logo was very plain, with a simple standard font. There wasn’t much about it that would stay with you when you left.

The new brand sent the right message, pointing out important aspects of their purpose as a company. Shoppers understood that purpose in seconds. The new look and feel conveyed professionalism and gave them a huge credibility boost.

Datatoys - New Logo

The new look and feel conveys professionalism and adds credibility to their price.

2. We created a design that divded shoppers in to 6 groups based on the video system’s purpose. We addressed usability issues in the old design that made it difficult for shoppers to buy and we kept familiar elements of the layout that shoppers had gotten used to.

3. We re-wrote content to focus shoppers attention on their value proposition. We broke important points and long copy in to small, bite size pieces to avoid overwhelming shoppers.

Datatoys - New Website

Datatoys - New Website

4. We started with a complete redesign to elminate the major problems and traps that had been created. We worked with Datatoys to create useful, high value content and we re-wrote product and category pages. We focused only on conversion keywords; traffic dropped at first as qualified visits went up.

The Results

  • Top 10 keyword positions increased by 300%, with top 30 positions doubling following the Datatoys re-launch.
  • Datatoys acheived top 10 rankings for more than 55 keywords; optimization increased the number of web pages indexed by the engines.
  • Traffic and page views increased by 51.20%
  • Unique visits increased by 25% one month after launch – that number continued to climb for several months.
  • The re-brand immediately improved credibility, justifying their price.
  • Focusing on conversion keywords dramatically reduced irrelevant traffic. Shoppers looking for an in-car digital video system were drawn in while those looking to buy a TiVo were disqualified.
  • Sales increased as shoppers found the exact product they were looking for.
  • Datatoys went from zero website sales to 1-3 websites sales per day. That’s a $540,000 to 1.6 million annual increase in sales.

“From day one WiseToWeb was asking the right questions. Not only were they asking [about] our page requirements and potential layout, but what products we offered and who our customers were. By the end of the project Matt and Andrew knew nearly as much about our products as some of our veteran employees. None of the other website designers I have worked with paid such close attention to those details.”

– Roy Dietsch, VP Motorsports Exchange, LLC (