Eden's Gold

Eden’s Gold

“Where’s my stuff?” Demanded an angry customer. “I placed my order 6 weeks ago! I gave you guys a check but I still haven’t received my items.”

Eden’s Gold sold all natural health products. Customers raved about their health products. So why were those same customers so angry with them?

Their offline order process created major headaches. Each Staff member was responsible for accepting orders that came in, but there was always confusion about whether each order had been accounted for and filled.

Most of the time customers placed their orders in-person but a confusing internal process meant that fulfillment took weeks instead of days. Customers were willing to wait at first but they quickly lost patience when they received zero communication on the status of their order.

Occasionally, customers would call and ask for a tracking number only to find out that not only was there no tracking number, no one knew about their order. Customers were angry by that point, and many of them decided to cancel their orders.

Even if customers wanted to order online they couldn’t. Eden’s Gold had an incomplete website with no shopping cart to speak of. If customers want to buy they had to place their orders in-person or over the phone. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

On top of that, Dr. Watkins had his own private practice to run. He had started Edens Gold with the intention of relying on his team to take care of Eden’s Gold and the daily operations. He was counting on key employees but it seemed like things were falling apart. He was frustrated and exhausted. “Who knew it would be so hard to make a difference?” He thought.

We spoke with Dr. Watkins about his situation. When our research was finished We identified 3 problem areas to start with.

1. Their old website didn’t provide customers with important must-have information.

Ingredients, dosage, and frequency were all missing.

2. Staff members weren’t updated on inbound, pending, and delivered orders.

Lot’s of orders meant lots of mistakes. Customers were occassionally sent the wrong products, no products, more products than they paid for, or not enough. Customers and staff members were frustrated.

3. There was no order tracking.

Customers with pending orders were left with two options: Wait or cancel their order.

Here’s How We Fixed the Problem.

Eden's Gold - New Site

Eden's Gold - New Site

1. We re-designed their website.

We added important infformation, created guarantees, and worked with Dr. Watkins to create a simple privacy policy.

2. We added and customized their online shopping cart.

Inventory management, order confirmations, and communication were all automated while telephone orders could be manually added to the site.
Customers were encouraged to purchase products online rather than in person.

Staff members were updated and in the loop.

3. Integrated order tracking.

Staff members were able to provide customers with tracking numbers. Customers received updated information without asking for it.

The Results

  • Sales doubled in the first two months and continued to climb as customers regained confidence in Eden’s Gold.
  • Conversions and requests increased immediately after launch.
  • Repeat sales and average order sizes increased by 1/3.