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Ken was overwhelmed. He was exhausted. He’d just been hired by The Eagles Club to handle all of the venue’s photography. Fans were impressed with his work and immediately started buying concert photos.

In a few short weeks he was flooded with work. People began calling and asking for pictures. They wanted wedding photos, class photos, advertising photos, modeling shots, family photos. The calls and questions kept pouring in. That’s a really nice problem to have except for the fact that Ken wasn’t ready. He was struggling to keep up with the demand and it was starting to show.

Business continued to pick up speed and Ken knew that he’d need a website. He got in touch with Matt and Andrew and they sat down to talk. Ken talked about the hassles he went through and how he had no free time. These were his top 3 frustrations:

1. He had to qualify newcomers and “sell them on his service”. The people that asked the most questions really weren’t interested. These “tire kickers” ate up time that he could have spent making money.

2. Scheduling and confirming new appointments was time consuming. No-call/no-shows were common, frustrating, and expensive. Clients told him they didn’t know when they were supposed to meet or that they missed his phone call. He spent a lot of time chasing people down.

3. Showcase the company portfolio online instead of sharing samples.
Clients were always hesitant to hire him when they hadn’t seen his work. They weren’t sure if he was any good.

Here’s How We Fixed the Problem.

Fictitious Groove - Home Page

Fictitious Groove - Home Page

Ken knew that he needed a website. What he didn’t know was that his website could lighten his workload dramatically without spending any more money. Here’s how we did it.

1. We added his portfolio and company info to the site.

Fictitious Groove - Gallery

Fictitious Groove - Gallery

This is pretty standard for photography websites. It’s tough to get very far if you can’t show your work. The problem with a lot of photography sites is that you spend a lot of time waiting for images to load. The images were loaded with AJAX to speed up page load times. Prospects came to him ready to buy; they finally stopped asking to see samples of his work.

2. We created a “Book Online” scheduling app.

Fictitious Groove - Scheduling App

Fictitious Groove - Scheduling App

Clients could choose the date and time that worked best for them. Ken’s website would let clients know when his schedule was booked and which days were unavailable. His site confirmed appointments with clients automatically. We made sign-ins a requirement. If prospects wanted to schedule a session they had to create an account. This qualified the people that were ready to buy and disqualified the shoppers thinking “I can’t believe he wants us to sign-up!”.

3. We automated tedious and repetitive tasks.

We created an administrator account so he could manage his website on his own. His site enabled him to set his availability, approve client accounts, confirm appointments, upload photos, and communicate with clients from his website. He was no longer tied to Microsoft Outlook, an address book, or his obsolete day planner.

The Results

“I would have to hire at least one and as many as five employees to do all the work that my site does virtually and automatically. As a result, I eliminate the cost of paying those employees wages, insurance, taxes and any other associated costs.”

– Ken Hanrahan, Founder, Fictitious Groove Studio

Ken avoided employee costs for sure, but he also saved a huge amount of time. New employees take time to train and time to manage. That’s time that he just didn’t have. If you add Ken’s time into the equation Ken got a tenfold return on investment. We think that’s a pretty good return on investment.

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